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video07.04.2013 in 20:43Summary of the race


Summary of the race

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Stage summary07.04.2013 in 16:40Cancellara alone against the rest

They were all against him and still Fabian Cancellara managed to knock them out one by one to win Paris-Roubaix for the third time after a 254.5-kms demolition race in the dust on Sunday. The Swiss, already winner in 2006 and 2010, made it three in style, scattering the peloton in the Mons-en-Pevele sector before finding himself alone with Belgium's Sep Vanmarcke in the finale. On the famous velodrome, Spartacus was not to be tamed and he outsprinted his last rival standing to raise his arms...

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interview07.04.2013 in 17:11Vanmarcke: "50 centimetres too long"

Belgium's Sep Vanmarcke came within 50 centimetres of winning his first great classic. But Fabian Cancellara was again too strong.

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interview07.04.2013 in 16:59Cancellara: "I never had it so tough"

Alone against the rest of the bunch, Fabian Cancellara admitted his third victory in Paris-Roubaix was by far the toughest.

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16:19Top five placings1. Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland, RadioShack)
2. Sep Vanmarcke (Belgium, Blanco) same time
3. Niki Terpstra (Netherlands, Blanco) 31 seconds behind
4. Greg Van Avermaet (Belgium, BMC) same time
5. Damien Gaudin (France, Europcar) same time  

16:17Cancellara wins his third Paris-RoubaixFabian Cancellara (RLT) outsprints Sep Vanmarcke (BLA) to win his third Paris-Roubaix after 2006 and 2010. Niki Terpstra (OPQ) is third.
16:17Cancellara better placedThe Swiss is in the wheel of Sep Vanmarcke...
16:15In the velodrome... and now the track skills of the Belgian and the Swiss will be crucial.
16:14Two kilometres to go...... an the cat and mouse game is starting between Cancellara and Vanmarcke.
16:12Chase back togetherThe chasing group with Stybar, Flecha, Gaudin, Terpstra... are back together to battle it out for third place.
16:10Cancellara attacksFour kilometres to go and Cancellara tests Vanmarcke with a swift attack. But the move fails. In case of a sprint finish, the outcome is certainly undecided...
16:07Flecha joins StybarSpain's Juan Antonio Flecha (VCD) is back on Zdenek Stybar (OPQ), hoping for another podium place.
16:02Between Cancellara and VanmarckeThe 111th Paris-Roubaix will now go to either arch-favourite or his last rival standing, Sep Vanmarcke, the Het Nieuwsblad 2012 winner.
15:5710 kms to go...... and the Cancellara, Vanmarcke duo lead Stybar by 35 seconds and the Flecha, Terpstra group by 50 seconds. 
15:54Stybar haltedFormer cyclo-cross world champion Zdenek Stybar (OPQ) nearly crashed against a spectator. He loses ground... Only two rdiers left in the lead -- Cancellara and Vanmarcke!
15:53Vandenbergh crashesStijn Vandenbergh (OPQ) just crashed. Three men left in the lead with 16 kms to go.
15:51In the Carrefour de l'ArbreThe four are in the most famous cobbled sector, Carrefour de l'Arbre.
15:48Latest gapCancellara, Stybar, Vandenbergh and Vanmarcke lead their closest chasers by 30 seconds.
15:4420 kms to go...... and Vandenbergh and Vanmarcke have been caught by Cancellara and Stybar.
15:43Cancellara speeds againWhile the lead of Vandenbergh and Vanmarcke reaches 35 seconds, Cancellara attacks with Stybar at the end of sector #6.
15:42Pedersen wins junior raceDenmark's Mads Pedersen won the junior Paris-Roubaix, ahead of Belgium's Nathan Van Hooydonck and Britain's Tao Geoghegan.
15:3525 kms to go...... and Damien Gaudin (EUC) tries to break with the Cancellara group to chase behind Vandenbergh and Vanmarcke.
15:35Two men in the leadStijn Vandenbergh (OPQ) and Sep Vanmarcke (BLA) took advantage of Cancellara's return to break clear.
15:32Cancellara back in the leadFabian Cancellara (RLT) caught the eight escapees with 28 kms to go. Nine men in the lead.
15:31Eight men in the leadGaudin, Vanmarcke, Langeveld, Vandenbergh, Van Avermaet, Flecha, Paolini and Stybar are now back together in the lead. Cancellara is coming back on the leading group on his own.

15:27Situation of the raceKm 220 -Four men in the lead Gaudin, Vanmarcke, Langeveld and Vandenbergh.
Van Avermaet, Flecha, Paolini and Stybar 16 seconds behind
Cancellara, Terpstra, Eisel, Boom 25 seconds behind.
15:23Cancellara attacked on all frontsBehind the four escapees, Flecha (VCD) and Van Avermaet (BMC) are chasing 15 seconds adrift. The Cancellara group is 22 seconds adrift.
15:17Four men in the leadAs a group of 13 riders emerged after sector #9, four men broke clear and are in the lead -- Gaudin (EUC), Vandenbergh (OPQ), Vanmarcke (BLA) and Langeveld (OGE).
15:14Puncture for TurgotEuropcar team leader Sebastien Turgot (EUC), second last year, just punctured.
15:12Dropped ridersSome pre-race favourites have been slightly dropped by the leading group of 13. Among the dropped riders are Chavanel, Hushovd, Phinney, Stannard or Boasson-Hagen.
15:09Quick Step seize the reinsThe Omega Pharma Quick Step team-mates of Sylvain Chavanel, Terpstra and Vandenbergh seized the peloton reins in the Mons-en-Pevele sector.
15:07Van Summeren punctures2011 winner Johan Van Summeren (GRS) punctured.
15:05Break overKm 206 - The four-man break has been caught by the peloton led by Niki Terpstra (OPQ) just before sector #10 in Mons-en-Pevele.
15:04Four in the leadDamien Gaudin (EUC) has joined Michael Schaer (BMC), Gert Steegmans (OPQ) and Matthe Hayman (SKY) in the lead.
15:04Roelandts puncturesJuregn Roelandts (LTB) punctured in sector #11 just as Cancellara raised the pace.
15:01Cancellara raises the tempoKm 200 - Cancellara is leading the peloton and raises the tempo. The peloton is blown apart.
14:58Into sector #11... and Steegmans, Hayman and Schaer lead Gaudin by 15 seconds. The peloton is 35 seconds behind. Damien Gaudin knows Paris-Roubaix well after winning the under-23 race in 2007.
14:54Five more chasersFive riders just parted without the peloton. They are Ian Stannard (SKY), William Bonnet (FDJ), Jacopo Guarnieri (AST), Matti Breschel (TST) and Martin Elmiger (IAM)
14:51Schaer catches the breakMichael Schaer (BMC) has now caught Gert Steegmans (OPQ) and Matthew Hayman (SKY). Three men in the lead into sector #12 (Km 192) with a 52 seconds lead over the peloton. Gaudin (EUC) is 35 seconds behind the leaders.
14:48Ladagnous halted againAlready held by a crash earlier in the race, Mathieu Ladagnous (FDJ) is again halded by a crash in sector #12. It is a complicated Paris-Roubaix for the team managed by former winner Marc Madiot.
14:47Gaudin attacksFrance's Damien Gaudin (EUC) has now parted company with the bunch and chasing behind the break.
14:43Great work by RadioShackThe RadioShack team-mates of Fabian Cancellara have now been leading the peloton for the past 20 kilometres. The head of the race is in Orchies, start of a Tour de France stage last summer.
14:39Into sector #13... and Steegmans and Hayman lead Schaer by 25 seconds, O'Grady by 1:05 and the peloton by 1:15.
14:36Latest gapAt the end of sector #14 (km 183), Gert Steegmans (OPQ) and Matthew Hayman (SKY) lead Michael Schaer (BMC) by 28 seconds and Stuart O'Grady (OGE) by 42 seconds.
The peloton, led by Fabian Cancellara (RLT) is 1:15 adrift.
14:35Schaer drops O'GradyMichael Schaer (BMC) has dropped Stuart O'Grady (OGE) and now chases behind Gert Steegmans (OPQ) and Matthew Hayman (SKY).
14:34Hushovd punctures againAnother puncture for Hushovd in sector #14.
14:30Average speedThe average speed in the fourth hour of the race was 42.1 kph for an overall average speed of 44.5 kph.
14:23Thomas involved in a crashWith 73 kms to go, Geraint Thomas (SKY) was involved in a massive pile-up and held for a while. Borut Bozic (AST) and Matthieu Ladagnous (FDJ) are among the other riders involved.
14:17The four splitThe four escapees held their ground in sector #16 but are now split into two groups. Steegmans and Hayman are leading the way while O'Grady and Koretzky are 15 seconds adrift. Michael Schaer (BMC) is 20 seconds behind and the peloton 50 seconds down.
14:14Peloton regroupsKm 170 - The peloton is now just behind the four escapees into cobbled sector #16.
14:10Six chaseSix riders are now on the heels of the four escapees. They are Robert Wagner (BLA), Wiliam Bonnet (FDJ), Jens Keukelere (OGE), Marco Bandiera (IAM), Kristjian Koren (CAN) and Adrien Petit (COF).
14:10Gap downThe gap is now down to under 10 seconds between the four escapees and the front part of the peloton.
14:08Into pont GibusCobbled sector #17 has been dubbed "Pont Gibus" to honour Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle, the 1992 and 1993 winner.
14:06Gap decreasesThe gap is now down to 30 seconds as the four enter cobbled sector #17.
14:04The favourites still in the bunchWhile the peloton lost several riders in Arenberg, all the favourites are stil within the main pack.
14:02Latest gapSteegmans, Hayman, Koretzky and O'Grady lead the front of the peloton by 40 seconds at the end of the Arenberg trench (km 160). 
13:58Phinney leads the bunchTaylor Phinney (BMC) leads the chase at the front of the peloton. The American won the under-23 Paris-Roubaix in 2009 and 2010.
13:57Latest gapThe peloton tackled the Arenberg trench (km 158) 1:20 behind the four escapees.
13:53Into ArenbergThe four are now into the infamous Arenberg trench.
13:52Puncture for HushovdBMC team leader Thor Hushovd (BMC) just punctured. He now chases behind the peloton.
13:50Latest gapAt the end of sector #19 (km 150), the lead of the four escapees is 1:35.
13:49Greipel caughtAndre Greipel (LTB) has been reeled in by the peloton.
13:48Crash for DempsterZakari Dempster (Netapp) crashed and seems to have broken his collarbone.
13:44Greipel for RoelandtsAndre Greipel (LTB), now chasing behind the four escapees, told local daily La Voix du Nord about his plans on this Paris-Roubaix: "I'm riding Paris-Roubaix at the service of Jurgen Roelandts. It's logical. He is one of the main members of my train on the Tour de France. I have a chance to help him out. The team management asked me if I was ready to come here to help him and I said yes." Roelandts finished third in last week's Tour of Flanders.
13:40Sylvain Chavanel: ??To have a trouble-free Paris-Roubaix?Sylvain Chavanel finds himself the leader of the experienced Omega Pharma Quick Step team at the start of Paris-Roubaix in the absence on injured Belgian Tom Boonen, yet the Frenchman said he was above all hoping for a trouble-free Paris-Roubaix.
“My objective is to ride a trouble-free Paris-Roubaix for once and to at last be in a position to cxpress my full potential. I truly hope to be able to give it my all,” said Chavanel, who has shown great form since the start of the season....
13:37Latest gapKm 140 - The four lead the main pack by two minutes.
13:35Situation of the raceKm 144 - Four men in the lead Gert Steegmans (OPQ), Matthew Hayman (SKY), 2007 race winner Stuart O Grady (OGE) and Clement Koretzky (BSE).
Andre Greipel (LTB) 50 seconds adrift.
The peloton 1:30 behind.
13:33Average speed42.3 kilometres were ridden in the third hour of the race. The overall average speed is 45.3 kph.
13:30Greipel chasesAndre Greipel (LTB) is now chasing behind the four escapees.
13:24Gap risesKm 134 - At the end of cobbled sector #21, Gert Steegmans (OPQ), Matthew Hayman (SKY),  Stuart O Grady (OGE) and Clement Koretzky (BSE) lead the peloton by 50 seconds.
13:21Latest gapAt the end of cobbled sector #22 (km 131), the four lead the peloton by 40 seconds. Stannard (SKY) has made it back into the main bunch.
13:20O'Grady the old man2007 winner Stuart O'Grady would become the oldest winner of the race at 39 should he go all the way.
13:18Half-markKm 127 - Halfway into this Paris-Roubaix Gert Steegmans (OPQ), Matthew Hayman (SKY), Stuart O'Grady (OGE) and Clement Koretzky (BSE) lead the main pack by 30 seconds.
13:16Offredo crashesYoann Offredo (FDJ) crashed heavily when he rode into a trafic island in the middle of the rode.
13:12Four in the leadKm 124 - Four men have broken away: Gert Steegmans (OPQ), Matt Henman (SKY), Stuart O Grady (OGE) and Clement Koretzky (BSE). They lead the peloton by 18 seconds.
13:10Peloton regroupsA group of a dozen riders including Edvald Boasson-Hagen was leading the way into sector 23 but the peloton is regrouping (km 134).
13:01Sky lead the wayWhile Stannard is struggling at the back, two Team Sky riders are now leading the bunch, Geraint Thomas and Edvald Boasson-Hagen.
12:55Devolder and Stannard droppedA group of dropped riders involves Ian Stannard (SKY) and Stijn Devolder (RLT).
12:50End of sector #25The peloton is still packed as the race is out of cobbled sector #25 (km 108).
12:47Stannard still chasingIan Stannard (SKY), held by a puncture, is still chasing behind the bunch after being halted by the crash in sector #26.
12:46Crash in sector 26Several riders have been involved in a crash in sector #26 including Lars Bak (LTB).
12:43In the second cobbled sectorDe Backer, Sieberg and Vandenbergh are in sector #26 (km 105). It is quite a towering break with two riders over 1.90 metres in height...
12:40Three in the leadKm 100 - On the first cobbles, Stijn Vandenbergh (OPQ), Marcel Sieberg (LTB) and Bert De Backer (VCD) broke clear and lead the main bunch by 10 seconds.
12:38The race on the cobblesThe grouped peloton is now tackling the first cobbled sector (#27) in Troisvilles (km 98.5).
12:34Stannard halted by crashIan Stannard (SKY) was halted by a crash or a mechanical. He is rapidly back on his bike.
12:33Average speed44.5 kilometres have been covered in the second hour of the race. Average speed since the start: 47 kph.
12:31Peloton regroupsKm 94 - The four have been caught and the peloton will probably tackle the first cobbled sector together in 4.5 kms. 
12:24Four men in the leadFour riders are now in the lead: Rojas (MOV), Debuschere (LTB), Kamyshev (AST), joined by Veeelers (ARG).
12:22Another attemptKm 86 - Another attempt led by Florian Vachon (BSE) involves three riders.
12:16Bunched packKm 85 - Jarrier was reeled in and the peloton is bunched again as the first cobbles are nearing.
12:12Jarrier in the leadWhile his team-mate Koretzky was reeled in, another Bretagne-Seche rider, Benoit Jarrier, is now leading the race with a 11 seconds lead over the peloton (Km 83).
12:09Less than 20 kms before the first cobblesThe race is reaching kilometre 80 and the first of 27 cobbled sections is at kilometre 98.5 in Troisvilles.
12:01Boom: ??I??m back to win??Lars Boom is familiar with the Paris-Roubaix velodrome for having raced in the cyclocross held near it every winter. He told local daily La Voix du Nord: “I'm dreaming of Paris-Roubaix. It's the greatest monument in cycling in my mind. Amstel cannot be compared to it. Even the Tour of Flanders is not as prestigious in the cycling world. Paris-Roubaix is so rich in tradition, has such a historical weight. Last year I was disappointed by my result (6th). This time, I'm back to win”.

11:59Beware of PozzatoInvolved in a crash last year as he was one of the Paris-Roubaix favourites, Italian Filippo Pozzato (LAM) is among the men to watch in spite of his low profile in the first Spring classics since his win in the Laigueglia Trophy. "I will be stronger than last week. Paris-Roubaix is my last chance. But Fabian Cancellara remains the arch-favourite. All eyes will be turned at him." 
11:52Two in the leadOnly two riders are now left in the lead, Veuchelen (VCD) and Koretzky (BSE). Their former breakaway companions have been caught.
11:44Only ten in the leadThree riders, Siskevicius, Teruel and Lemontagner have been dropped from the break. Only ten men in the lead with a 20 seconds lead over the peloton (Km 63).
11:43Gap goes downKm 57 - In St Quentin, the gap is down to 25 seconds.
11:34Morkov in the break as usualWhen there is a break, Michael Morkov (TST) is in it... The Dane, one of the most aggressive riders in the last Tour de France, was also in the morning break in the Tour of Flanders last week and in several Paris-Nice stages.
11:34Latest gapKm 50 - The gap remains stable between the thirteen escapees and the main pack at 35 seconds.
11:28Average speedThe average speed in the first hour of the race was 49.5 kph.
11:25Geraint Thomas: ??Make up for lost time?No Team Sky rider are in the current break but they have plenty of time ahead of them...
While Team Sky had dominated the early season in the stage races, the British outfit have struggled somehow in the classics and Welshman Geraint Thomas is eager to make up for lost time in Paris-Roubaix.
“I'm not going to say we're going for victory but we'll give it a try. The GC boys have been going really strong so far this season. As for us, we've been a bit disappointing in the recent...
11:24The 13 in the leadReminder of the 13 men in the lead - Gert Steegmans (OPQ), Bjorn Thurau (EUC), Bob Jungels (RLT), Gatis Smukulis (KAT), Jacob Rathe (GRS), Jens Debuschere (LTB), Frederik Veuchelen (VCD), Michael Morkov (TST), Evaldas Siskevicius (SOJ), Guillaume Boivin (CAN), Eloy Teruel (MOV), Clement Koretzky (BSE) and Benjamin Lemontagner (BSE).  
11:22Latest gapKm 40 - The 13 now lead the peloton by 35 seconds in Ham. Teams Argos, Netapp and Cofidis are leading the chase.
11:2112 out of 25 teams in the frontAlmost half the teams at the start have a man in the break, including team-mates of most of the favourites.
11:12Van Summeren: "Everything is possible"Johan Van Summeren made the best the close watch between favourites two years ago to win Paris-Roubaix as an underdog and the Belgian is not ruling out a similar outcome this year.
“We'll have to see how good the legs are. If they're well, everything is possible. It's not a problem for me that I'm not the most talked about rider at the start. It's often better to be in the shade than I the limelight,” said the towering Garmin-Sharp leader, who will again try to outwit Swiss Fabian...
11:10Latest gapKm 30 - The 13 lead the peloton by 35 seconds. Cofidis and Netapp are the teams leading the chase.
11:06Boivin true to his wordCanada's Guillaume Boivin (CAN) told yesterday he would try to be part of the morning break for his first Paris-Roubaix as a pro and he is!
11:00The 13 in the frontThe 13 riders in the lead are Gert Steegmans ((OPQ), Bjorn Thurau (EUC), Bob Jungels (RLT), Gatis SMukulis (KAT), Jacob Rathe (GRS), Jens Debuschere (LTB), Frederik Veuchelen (VCD), Michael Morkov (TST), Evaldas Siskevicius (SOJ), Guillaume Boivin (CAN), Eloy Teruel (MOV), Clement Kortesky (BSE) and Benjamin Lemontagner (BSE). 
10:4713 men in the leadA group of 13 men is now leading the bunch by 17 seconds. The move was launched by Eloy Turuel (MOV) at kilometre 17.
10:44O??Grady looking for the oldest winner recordStuart O'Grady (Orica-GreenEdge) started with a special goal in mind – to beat Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle's record as the oldest winner of Paris-Roubaix at 39. 
“In Paris-Roubaix I had my ups and down. I started with Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (in 1995), who still is the oldest winner and if I win on Sunday, I'll beat his record. I always return to this race with ambitions. I had a few mishaps I my preparation but in Paris-Roubaix anything can happen. You juts have to hang there. Our...
10:43Cold temperatureThe temperature on the road of Paris-Roubaix is 5 degrees.
10:41Several attemptsSeveral attempts are taking place at the front of the bunch. But the peloton has so far reacted each time (Km 8).
10:36Guillaume Boivin: ??Exciting debut?Guillaume Boivin (Cannondale): “I only rode Paris-Roubaix as a junior. I had four punctures and I finished on a spare bike but I only keep great memories from it. To make my pro debut in it is really exciting. There are lots of new things to look forward to. With Cannondale, in the absence of Peter Sagan, it's very open. Everybody looks healthy. I would love to be in the morning break but 150 riders out of 200 have the same idea.”
10:3514 in the leadA group of 14 emerged but were quickly reined in (Km 3)
10:32Three riders attackThree men moved from the gun. It should be a hectic start to the race.
10:22Real start givenThe real start was given at 10:32 to 198 riders from 25 teams.
10:17Heading for the real startThe riders have crossed the start line heading for the actual start. 198 riders have signed the start list, the last to do so being Fabian Cancellara.
10:15In the press todayIn l'Equipe, Norway's Thor Hsuhovd explained his special relationship with Paris-Roubaix.
have it in my mind to win that classic one day because I know it's the
one that suits me best. Si I make sure everything is perfect," the BMC
team leader said.
"I know all the cobbles, all the sections, all the
runs in Paris-Roubaix even though I can't recall the names of the
sectors, apart from the Arenberg trench and the Carrefour des Arbres, I
can't keep...
10:11Cancellara last on the podiumArch-favourite Fabian Cancellara (RLT) was among the very last riders to sign the start list. Pressure? The riders are flocking around the start line.
10:08Tweets of the day
Fabian cancellara ‏@f_cancellara
Tomorrow it will be a fight from the start to the finish..!! Lucky and finally after we have rest and can relax. Roubaix we are coming

RACE DAY!Doesn't matter how many times you've tackled this race.Still excited & a tiny bit nervous!Man V's Cobbles!

johan Le bon ‏@johan_Lebon
Today is a great day, a special day.

tom boonen ‏@tomboonen1
Success boys ‪@opqscyclingteam‬
09:32WeatherThe weather is sunny and cold all the way. It should be a very dusty Paris-Roubaix. Temperature at the start was nearing zero.
09:31Welcome to the live coverageWelcome to the live coverage of the 111th Paris-Roubaix.
08:29Join us live from 10:00Join us from 10:00 local time (08:00 GMT) for the live coverage of the 111th Paris-Roubaix.


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