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Stage summary13.04.2014 in 17:02Terpstra crowns brilliant team work to lift Paris-Roubaix cobble

Niki Terpstra might have been the third man on the list of the Omega Pharma Quick Step dream team at the start but the Dutchman ended up lifting the winner's cobble in the Roubaix Velodrome after surging recklessly in a  nail-biting finale.

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interview13.04.2014 in 17:32John Degenkolb: "The best I could do"

"Today was probably the best we could get. When you see the whole race, I had a mechanical problem and it cost me a lot of energy to come back. A lot of my teammates worked hard to bring me back. Luckily De Backer was sharp enough to chase hard in a front group. It was smart tactically to have somebody with me. Terpstra won the race but we can be really proud and it's the next step on the road to glory to be on the podium of a monument.
I think sometimes you just have gamble. It could...

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interview13.04.2014 in 17:25Fabian Cancellara: "I can be proud of myself"

"It was really hard today. The first thing was the wind that really altered the race. On top of it I was involved in a crash and I had to change bikes. Things like that happen but there was immediately a little gap and I had to chase and it cost me a lot of energy. In the end a real strong bunch emerged and nobody really knew what to do, it was very tactical. We tried to make a gap with Vanmarcke but with the wind and everybody against us it was not easy. Quick Step were strong and they...

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interview13.04.2014 in 17:10Tersptra: "The greatest day in my career"

"I was in the front and I didn't know how many seconds I held. I just kept pushing until the end. It's not the best day in my life but probably the best day in my career. With three guys in the front group, we were very strong. Tom and I came back in the finale and in the last cobbled section I attacked." 

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16:39Top five placings

Top five placings in Paris-Roubaix on Sunday (257 km):

1. Niki Terpstra (Netherlands, OPQ)

2. John Degenkolb (Germany, GIA)

3. Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland, TFR)

4. Sep Vanmarcke (Belgium, BEL)

5. Zdenek Stybar (Czech Republic, OPQ)

16:36Niki Terpstra wins Paris-Roubaix

Dutchman Niki Terpstra (OPQ) won the 112th Paris-Roubaix.

16:34Under the red flame

Niki Terpstra now rides into the Velodrome with a 23 sconds lead over his nearest chasers.

16:342 kms to go...

... and Niki Terpstra is about to win Paris-Roubaix as he leads his ten chasers by 20 seconds.

16:3217 seconds for Terpstra

3 kms to go and the Dutchman leads the chasing group by 17 seconds. The Omega Pharma Quick Step third man will be hard to beat now.

16:29Five kms to go

... and Terpstra leads his ten former companions by 10 seconds.

16:28Terpstra attacks

Niki Terpstra (OPQ) breaks from the front group and now leads his ten chasers by six seconds.

16:2410 kms to go...

... and Boonen, Thomas, Wiggins, De Backer, Terpstra and Langeveld caught Cancellara, Vanmarcke, Stybar, Degenkolb  and Sagan. Eleven in the lead.

16:18Fibe in the lead

Km 243 - At the end of cobbled section 3, Cancellara, Vanmarcke, Degenkolb, Sagan and Stybar hold a 15 seconds lead over Boonen, Thomas, De Backer, Terpstra and Wiggins.

16:15Sagan caught

15 kms to go and Peter Sagan is caught at Carrefour de l'Arbre by Sep Vanmarcke and Cancellara.

16:12Six in the chase

Six are chasing behind Sagan: Fabian Cancellara (TFR), Sep Vanmarcke (BEL), Zdenek Stybar (OPQ), John Degenkolb (GIA), Geraint Thomas (SKY) and Bert De Backer (LTB).

16:10Cancellara takes up the chase

Title-holder Fabian Cancellara (TFR) and last years' runner-up Sep Vanmarcke (BEL) have now taken up the chase, 18 seconds behind Peter Sagan (CAN).

16:08The peloton regroups

The Boonen group has been reined in by the peloton, trailing Peter Sagan by 15 seconds. The Slovak is cobbled sector 5 with less than 20 kms to go.

16:0620 kms t go

... and Peter Sagan (CAN) leads a first group of nine riders by 15 seconds and the peloton by 22 seconds.

16:05Sagan attacks

21 kms to go and Peter Sagan attacked, parting company with the leading group.

16:02Van Avermaet crashes

Second in the Tour of Flanders last week, Greg Van Avermaet (BMC) crashed and is dropped in sector 6 (km 230).

16:01Eight in the lead

24 kms to go and Sagan and Wynants have caught Boonen, Thomas, Hushovd, Martinez, De Backer and Tankink.

15:5530 kms to go...

... and the six lead Sagan and Wynants by 15 seconds with the peloton 25 seconds off the pace.

15:50Boonen reined in

At the end of cobbled section 7 (km 224), Boonen has been reined in and the six escapees hold a 25-seconds lead over Sagan and Wynants. The peloton is 35 seconds adrift.

15:48Boonen in the lead

35 kms to go Tom Boonen (OPQ) decided to try his luck on his own and part compagny with his breakaway companions. He now leads them by ten seconds.

15:46Sagan attacs in turn

As the front of the peloton had made it back within 25 seconds of the leading six, Peter Sagan (CAN) surged followed by Maarten Wynants (BEL).

15:4240 kms to go...

... and Fabian Cancellara attacks from the back behind Sep Vanmarcke (BEL) and Greg Van Avermaet (BMC). They are now chasing wildly behind the six.

15:38Gap rises to 45 seconds

Km 215 - Spurred by an hyperactive Tom Boonen, the six now lead the peloton by 45 seconds. The bunch is now spearheaded by Trek Factory team-mates of title-holder Fabian Cancellara.

15:33Gap up to 30 seconds

Km 211 - at the end of the cobbled sector 10 in Mons-en-Pevele, Boonen, Thomas, Tankink, Martinez, De Backer and Hushovd lead the peloton by 30 seconds.

15:27The six still retain a slim lead

Km 208 - Boonen, Thomas, Hushovd, De Backer, Martinez and Tankink did not surrender and keep the bunch at bay with a 15 seconds lead. 

15:2350 kms to go

... and the peloton makes it back on the leading group.

15:21Four in the lead

Km 203 - Boonen, Thomas, Gaudin and Martinez are now in the lead as Hushovd attempts for the third time to part company with the peloton and join them.

15:14Six in the lead

Km 200 - Six riders are leading the race, Tom Boonen (OPQ), Geraint Thomas (SKY), Damien Gaudin (ALM), Mathieu Ladagnous (FDJ), Bert De Backer (GIA) and Yannick Martinez (EUC). The peloton is 15 seconds adrift.

15:07Break over

Km 196 - Schillinger, De Troyer and Jarrier are being caught by the first chasing group including Tom Boonen, Geraint Thomas and Mathieu Ladagnous. The peloton is only 18 seconds behind. 

15:03Boonen goes

Km 192 - Four-times winner Tom Boonen (OPQ) surged from the peloton to chase behind the three escapees.

14:59Gap 1:10

65 kms to go - Schillinger, De Troyer and Jarrier lead the peloton by 1:10 as a counter-attack group is taking shape, led by MatthieuLadagnous (FDJ) and Geraint Thomas (SKY).

14:56Third puncture for Demare

France's Arnaud Demare (FDJ) is dropped from the peloton after faltting for thr third time.

14:54Ladagnous goes

As the peloton were making it back on his team-mates David Boucher and American John Murphy, Matthieu Ladagnous (FDJ) attacked behind the three escapees with 68 kms to go.

14:50Hushovd jittery

Norway's Thor Hushovd (BMC) has attacked for the second time at the front of the peloton as the gap is now under two minutes with the three leaders, Schillinger, De Troyer and Jarrier. Murphy has been dropped by the break.

14:47Latest gap

Km 182 - Schillinger, De Troyer, Jarrier and Murphy lead the split peloton by 2:20. Bradley Wiggins (SKY) and Peter Sagan (CAN) are in a second part of the bunch.

14:45Wiggins dropped

As the peloton splits in several little bunches, Bradley Wiggins (SKY) is among those dropped.

14:43Pozzato flats

Filippo Pozzato (LAM) flats in turn in cobbled section 15 (km 182).

14:42Koretzky and De Haes caught

Former escapees Clement Koretzky (BSE) and Kenny De Haes (LTB) have been caught by the peloton with 76 kms to go.

14:40Puncture for Degenkolb

The latest rider in an endless series of punctures is Ghent-Wevelgem winner John Degenkolb (GIA).

14:37Kristoff calls it quits

After his crash, Milan-San Remo winner Alexander Kristoff (KAT) calls it quits. He was taken into an ambulance and out of the race.

14:34And a crash now for Kristoff

After two flat tyres, Alexander Kristoff (KAT) has now crashed. It is over for the Norwegian, who now has lost all hopes for final victory.

14:32Cancellara held by a crash

With 82 kms to go, title-holder Fabian Cancellara crashed from a kerb into the peloton, taking a dozen riders along with him on the tarmac. He was able to make it back on his bike quickly.

14:29Kristoff punctures again!

Alexander Kristoff (KAT) punctures again! It does not look too good now for the Milan-San Remo winner... 

14:27Held at a level crossing!

David Boucher (FDJ) is the first of several riders to be stopped at a level crossing as he was chasing before the leading group.

14:24Four in the lead after Arenberg

After the Arenberg trench, Schillinger, Murphy, De Troyer and Jarrier lead Kolar and Boucher by 40 seconds Koretzky by1:20 and De Haes by 1:40. The peloton is 4:00 behind and is split in several groups.

14:18Kristoff punctures

The peloton is also affected by several punctures. Milan-San Remo winner Alexander Kristoff (KAT) is among the ones to flat.

14:16Schillinger in the lead

After a series of punctures before and in the Arenberg Trench, only four riders are left in the lead. Schillinger is in the front, followed by Jarrier, De Troyer and Murphy.

14:13The break into Arenberg

Km 161 - Kenny de Haes (LTB), Andreas Schillinger (TNE), Michael Kolar (TCS), Clement Koretzky (BSE), Benoit Jarrier (BSE), TIm De Troyer (WGG) and John Murphy (UHC), fllowed by David Boucher (FDJ) tackle the infamous Arenberg Trench.

14:11Boucher punctures

Just before the Arenberg Trench, David Boucher (FDJ) punctured in the leading group.

14:10Gap under five minutes

At the end of sector 19 (km 142), the eight escapees lead the main pack by 4:55.

14:07Team Sky lead the chase

The peloton are now in cobbled sector 19, the last one before the Arenberg Trench and Team Sky are leading the way with Bradley Wiggins in third position. 

14:04Pozzato: "A real urge to win"

Filippo Pozzato (LAM) is among the riders waiting for their chance in this 112th edition: "I feel good. I spent a week at home and I think I now know what was missing last week in the Tour of Flanders. Paris-Roubaix is my last race before the Giro. Vanmarcke, Cancellara and Boonen are the experts for this race and there are also good young upcoming riders but I'm confident. I have a real urge to win." 

14:01Sagan punctures

Peter Sagan (CAN) has punctured at kilometre 145. He chases after the peloton with one of his team-mates.

13:58Crash in the peloton

A crash took place under a bridge, involving several riders including Manuel Quiziato, Rudiger Selig, Lars Bak. But no one seems seriously hurt.

13:30Average speed

The average speed in the third hour of the race was 39.9 kph and the overall speed 43.5 kph.

13:27Demare crashes

Arnaud Demare (FDJ), who flatted earlier, has now crashed into section 22. Nothing serious but the Frenchman is halted again.

13:24Gap at the half mark

Km 127 - Almost at the half mark in cobbled section 23 and the gap between the eight-man break and the bunch is down to 6:15.

13:20Engoulvent latest to puncture

Jimmy Engoulvent (EUC) is the latest rider to puncture. Yesterday he told had was "hoping to do well". "We don't have the best team but I have good hopes as Paris-Roubaix is one of the few races in which my build is a plus."

13:12The break in Solesmes

David Boucher (FDJ), Kenny de Haes (LTB), Andreas Schillinger (TNE), Michael Kolar (TCS), Clement Koretzky (BSE), Benoit Jarrier (BSE), TIm De Troyer (WGG) and John Murphy (UHC) are into cobbled section 24 in Solesmes (km 119.5) .

13:09Demare also punctures

France's Arnaud Demare (FDJ), one of his country's best chances today, has also punctured.

13:07Gap keeps diminishing

At the end of cobbled section 25 (km 112.5), the gap between the eight escapees and the peloton is down to 6:50. Tom Boonen is still chasing behind the bunch after his puncture.

13:05Turgot: "I'm made for this race"

Second two years ago in the Europcar colours, Sebastien Turgot (ALM) is one of the best French prospects. "I'm made for this race but its' a very unpredictable race. Last year I punctured at the worst possible time and still I finished 10th. Everything went well this winter but you don't build a group for a race like this in a year. It should work much better next season," he said. 

13:02Puncture for Boonen

Tom Boonen (OPQ) has flatted in cobbled section 26, 143 kms from the finish, but the Belgian is quickly attended to.

12:58Gap goes down a bit

Four cobbled sections done and the gap has gone down to 7:30.

12:50Phinney has ambitions

Twice winner of the under-23 Paris-Roubaix, Taylor Phinney (BMC) is one of many outsiders today: "Fabian Cancellara is the favorite but he's stronger in his head than in his legs, said the American on the eve of the race. In the Tour of Flanders, I did a good work for the team, I was looking after Greg (Van Avermaet) but tomorrow (today) will be different. My condition is better than last year."

12:44In the first cobbled section

Km 97.5 - The peloton reached the first cobbled section in Troisvilles  8:05 behind the eight escapees.

12:31Madiot: "The break suits me fine" team manager Marc Madiot drove up to the break to watch over his rider David Boucher, who seems to enjoy the morning ride: "This break suits me fine, Madiot told It's gonna make it easier for the peloton to tackle the cobbles quietly. The aim is to stay calm until the Trench and then we'll see."

12:28Emmanuel Hubert: "They're going to spend some time chasing"

Bretagne Seche Environnement's team director Emmanuel Hubert has two riders in the break, Clement Koretzky and Benoir Charrier, and he told he was confident the escapees were not going to surrender without a fight: "You should look back in history but it's a long time a break has not has such a lead at the start of the first cobbled section. They're going to spend some time chasing. It was in our plan to have guys in the front and Clement was especially eager to be in a break. They...

12:17Four teams lead the chase

Four teams have placed riders at the front of the peloton: Tom Boonen's Omega Pharma Quick Step, Fabian Cancellara's Trek Factory, Sep Vanmarcke's Belkin and Alexander Kristoff's Katusha.

12:12Tough for the youngest

The youngest rider in this Paris-Roubaix is Italy's and Lampre's Niccolo Bonifazio, already the youngest starter in the Tour of Flanders a week ago. "I crashed and I'm here to gain some experience," he told The Italian hopes to finish his first great classic after being forced out of the GP E3, Ghent-Wevelgem and the Tour of Flanders.

12:0820 kms form the first "pavés"

The eight escapees are at kilometre 77, 20 kms away from the first cobbles in this 112th edition.

12:04Gap stable

Km 74 - David Boucher (FDJ), Kenny de Haes (LTB), Andreas Schillinger (TNE), Michael Kolar (TCS), Clement Koretzky (BSE), Benoit Jarrier (BSE), Tim De Troyer (WGG) and John Murphy (UHC) lead the peloton by nine minutes.

11:47Bouchet as expected

Born in the North of France, David Boucher took Belgian citizenship last year and is on familiar terrain in this Paris-Roubaix. Known as an aggressive rider in the mould of former greats like Jacky Durand, he was expected to move early to work for his FDJ leaders Arnaud Demare, Mathieu Ledagnous and Yoan Offredo. He showed his current form by finishing third in the time trial of the Den Panne Three Days. He was deeply moved by the homage to Arnaud Coyot paid on the race podium on Saturday:...

11:44Homage to Coyot and Mentheour

Paris-Roubaix race director Christian Prudhomme paid homage on Radio Tour to Arnaud Coyot, killed in a car crash in late November and to former rider turned cycling cameraman Pierre-Henri Mentheour, who died on Saturday. 

11:41Gap rises again

Km 50 - The eight escapees now lead the peloton by 9:10. Omega Pharma Quick Step, Netapp and Topsport Vlaanderen are leading the chase.

11:31Gap up to 4:40

Km 45 - David Boucher (FDJ), Kenny de Haes (LTB), Andreas Schillinger (TNE), Michael Kolar (TCS), Clement Koretzky (BSE), Benoit Jarrier (BSE), Tim De Troyer (WGG) and John Murphy (UHC) now lead the peloton by 4:40.

11:30Average speed

The average speed in the first hour of the race was 48.6 kph!

11:25Koretzky in the break again

Former mountain biker Clement Koretzky, who rides for Bretagne Seche Environnement, was already in the morning break of Paris-Roubaix a year ago for his debut in the Hell of the North: "I'm back with ambitions. Why not repeat last year's race when I managed to go into the two breaks of the day. We might not have the same level as the favorites but we can try things. One thing is for sure: our motivation is high. Paris-Roubaix is a mythical race. Maybe one day I'll manage a good finish."

11:23Gap up to 1:20

Km 40 - The gap rises to 1:20 as the peloton relaxes a bit in Ham, a place known for its fortress in which former Emperor Napoleon III was held for a few years.

11:15Kolar, the new Sagan?

Like Michael Morkov told a Tinkoff-Saxo rider tried his luck early on. In this case, it is Michael Kolar, a 21-year-old neo-professional, who hails from Zilina, the birthplace of Peter Sagan. Kolar says he is a "childhood pal" of the two-times winner of the Tour de France green jersey. He has similar characteristics to his compatriot -- the kick, the aggression and the speed. He finished in the top ten in stages of the Tour Down Under and Tour of Langkawi this season, saying he was...

11:10Gap stable at 30 seconds

Km 30 - The eight escapees lead the chasing peloton by 30 seconds. Note that Clement Koretzky was already in the first break of the day a year ago.

11:07Morkov on the first break of the day

The first break in Paris-Roubaix always plays an important part in the outcome of the race. In the last two years, Danish champion Michael Morkov, a Vuelta stage winner in 2013, was one of the early escapees. "But it won't be the case this time, he told I'm back from the Tour of the Basque Country in which I had to work to defend Alberto Contador's jersey. My legs are stiff but I mean to play a part in this Paris-Roubaix because I love this race. In our Tinkoff-Saxo team,...

11:01Eight in the lead

Eight riders broke clear at kilometer 23. They are: David Boucher (FDJ), Kenny de Haes (LTB), Andreas Schillinger (TNE), Michael Kolar (TCS), Clement Koretzky (BSE), Benoit JArrier (BSE), Tim De Troyer (WGG) and John Murphy (UHC).

10:55Jerome: "Cancellara is going to win"

Vincent Jerome (Europcar),11th in the Tour of Flanders last week, told "Paris-Roubaix is a bit unfamiliar as it's only my second participation. The condition is good. Unless there's an accident, which I don't wish to happen, Fabian Cancellara is going to win which means we must anticipate and attack. You must be ahead when he starts moving. We must be well placed before the Arenberg trench. The dry weather is good news for all of us. But here the cobbles are very hard, much more...


It is precisely 11 degrees on the race with a mild wind blowing crossways.

10:41All back together

Km 12 - The peloton regroups but still rides at a high tempo.

10:39Eight men in the lead

Km 10 - Eight men are in the lead after an initial attack by Florian Senechal (COF). Peter Sagan (CAN) and Bradley Wiggins (SKY) are at the bottom of the peloton.

10:34Boonen: "Don't want to set myself any goal"

Tom Boonen (OPQ) is convinced he is in a batter shape than a week ago:

"I didn't have the preparation I expected but since Ghent-Wevelgem, I have been improving. In the Tour of Flanders, I didn't have enough gas left in the last minutes of the race, I was at my limits. A week later, with a six-hour race behind me, I feel much better. And I still feel good on the cobbles. Now I don't want to set myself any goal, only fight until the finish line and give my best.
It's the first...

10:30First attempt

Three riders attempt to break clear from the gun.

10:28Start given

The start was given at 10:27 to 199 riders.

10:2725 teams , 199 starters, 31 nationalities

The official start list, headed by last year's winner Fabian Cancellara with the number one bib, includes 199 starters from 31 different nationalities in 25 teams. Belgium is the country with most starters at 32 ahead of France on 31, Italy on 20, the Netherlands on 17 and Germany on 14. A Colombian is among the riders to keep an eye on out of curiosity -- Dayer Quintana (Movistar) is the younger brother of Tour de France runner-up Nairo Quintana.  

10:24On their way to the start

199 riders are now heading towards the start line watched by a huge crowd. The start wil be given any minute now.

10:19Coolish weather

The weather is pretty cold at the start in Compiegne with a cloudy sky even though rain is not scheduled today. Tom Boonen looked very cool at the start, unlike a bearded Bradley Wiggins, the first Tour winner since Greg LeMond to enter the Queen of Classics, who was extremely focused in his 7th participation. The Briton last rode on the "paves" in 2011.

10:08In the press today

L'Equipe favourites:

Fabian Cancellara (TFR) five stars
Sep Vanmarcke (BEL) 4 stars
Zdener Stybar (OPQ) 4 stars
Niki Terpstra (OPQ) 3 stars
Greg Van Avermaet (BMC) 3 stars
Tom Boonen (OPQ) 3 stars
Stijn Vandenbergh (OPQ) 2 stars
Alexander Kristoff (KAT) 2 stars
Bradley Wiggins (SKY) 1 star
Peter Sagan (CAN) 1 star

09:56Welcome to Paris-Roubaix live coverage

Stay tuned to for the live coverage of the Queen of Classics.


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