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Best of – 2016 Paris-Roubaix

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Matthew Hayman topped a long and dedicated domestique career with an exceptional victory in the race of his dreams, Paris-Roubaix. At 37, the towering Orica Greenedge rider upset all the favorites, starting with four-times winner Tom Boonen, who had to be content with second place, to become the second Australian crowned in Roubaix after Stuart O'Grady in 2007. The win was all the more remarkable as early escapee Hayman, who had already twice made it in the top ten of the Queen of Classics,...

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Onboard camera – Paris-Roubaix 2016

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There was an opportunity today to do a great finale. I'm very glad with the team. We had made a nice plan before the race to make the race as hard as possible. We missed a few riders and we did not have a chance to do that. Martin rode a great race as usual. We did everything the way we had planned it. Even in the finale, I rode to win it. I worked very hard. In the final sprint I did everything I could to win it. But I was dead, everyone was dead. We rode a very hard race. We were all...

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Crash or not, it doesn't change anything. Thats the way it goes. Roubaix is a special race. The day started very well and it didn't end the way I wanted it to. I'm happy all the same but I always said that you needed luck in Roubaix and today I was not lucky. That's Paris-Roubaix, it really is the Hell of the North.

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I'm obviously happy to be on the podium. But it's also so close, so far. There are still two steps to go, maybe next year. I guess it was slippery out there with the rain yesterday and the sun today. We had four guys in the lead and we crashed. That's bike racing. Luke told me he was pretty tired. He just committed a lot on the tailwind section leading to Carrefour de l'Arbre and then there were five of us left. Then Sep (Vanmarcke) went and did some hard racing. I felt pretty good then. I...

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What's your reaction to this victory?

It's just pure disbelief. I can't believe it. I broke my arm five weeks ago and I missed all the racing. I only resumed in Spain last week. This is my favourite year a race, the race I had always dreamed of. I did not even dare dream today. I was just riding and enjoying. I saved my legs and remained safe all day. I could tell in the finale that the other guys were also pretty tired. I just played the game and I was...

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Newsflashes (Local time)

16:59Top 5 in the stage

1. Matthew Hayman (Australia, Orica Greenedge)

2. Tom Boonen (Belgium, Etixx Quick Stpe)

3. Ian Stannard (Britain, Sky)

4. Sep Vanmarcke (Belgium, Lotto Jumbo)

5. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway, Dimension Data)

16:57Hayman wins Paris-Roubaix

Matthew Hayman (Orica Greenedge), 37, wins Paris-Roubaix.

16:56Boonen leads

The Belgian is leading into the velodrome with Hayman and Vanmarcke.

16:55Boonen and Hayman together

Under the red flame and Boonen and Hayman are together, chased by Vanmarcke.

16:54Hayman catches Boonen and goes

The Australian countered and went on his own. Boonen is not far behind.

16:54Several attacks

Attacks and counter-attacks are taking place. Hayman tried first, followed by Vanmarcke, countered by Boonen, then Stannard and Boonen again!

16:505 km to go...

... and the five are back together. The Haussler group are 30 seconds adrift. 

16:49Stannard attacks

The Briton surged with 6 km to go.

16:47Into sector 2

In the penultimate cobbled sector of Hem (Km 250), Boonen, Vanmarcke, Stannard, Boasson Hagen and Hayman only keep a 15 deconds lead over Haussler, Sieberg and Saramotins.

16:4310 km to go...

... and it will be between Boonen, Vanmarcke, Stannard, Boasson Hagen and Hayman. 

16:41Stannard bridges gap

Ian Stannard (Sky) worked hard to chase Vanmarcke down with Boonen, Boasson agen and Hayman on his heels. Five in the lead with 11 km to go.

16:40Vanmarcke increases lead

The Belgian, third in the Tour of Flanders a week ago, leads his four chasers by 10 seconds.

16:3515 km to go...

... and Sep Vanmarcke (Lotto Jumbo) holds a five seconds lead over Boonen, Boasson Hagen and Stannard. 

16:34Vanmarcke surges

Vanmarcke attacks on Carrefour de l'Arbre, followed by Stannard, Boonen and Boasson Hagen. Hayman is struggling.

16:31Stannard and Hayman toughen the race

The Briton and the Australian lead the way in the Camphin en Pevele sector (km 238) with Tom Boonen, Sep Vanmarcke and Boasson Hagen on their heels. 

16:30Rowe and Saramotins dropped

Saramontins and Rowe are dropped as the front group enter the cobbled sector number five (Camphin-en-Pevele). Sagan and co lag 1:05 behind.

16:23Sagan lacks support

The world champion can only count on the support of De Backer and Sinkeldam (Giant Alpecin) in his chasing group also comprising Naesen (IAM), Durbridge (Orica), Petit (Direct Energie), Wynants (Lotto Jumbo) and Van Baarle (Cannondale).

16:2125 km to go...

... and the gap remains unchanged at nearly a minute between Boonen (Etixx), Saramotins and Haussler (IAM), Hayman (Orica Greendege), Rowe and Stannard (Sky), Vanmarcke (Lotto Jumbo), Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data), Erviti (Movistar),  Sieberg (Lotto Soudal) and the Sagan group.

16:20In sector 6

Luke Rowe (Sky) tackles sector 6 (Km 231) in the lead, followed by the nine other leaders. Sagan and his 11 companions are still a minute adrift.

16:15Boonen attacks

Thirty kilometres to go and Tom Boonen is now surging but Vanmarcke is quickly on his heels. Failed attempt for now.

16:09Latest gap

With 35 km to go, Boonen (Etixx),  Saramotins and Haussler (IAM), Hayman (Orica Greendege), Rowe and Stannard (Sky) , Vanmarcke (Lotto Jumbo), Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data), Erviti (Movistar) and Sieberg (Lotto Soudal) are in the lead.

Sagan (Tinkoff), De Backer and Sinkeldam (Giant Alpecin), Naesen (IAM), Durbridge (Orica), Petit (Direct Energie), Wynants (Lotto Jumbo), Backaert (Wanty) and Van Baarle (Cannondale) are 1:00 adrift. 

The Cancellara group is 2:45 behind....

16:06Cancellara 2:40 adrift

Fabian Cancellara (Trek) rode past cobbled sector 8 with a 2:40 gap behind the leading group.

16:03Rowe back in the lead

Rowe (Sky), Haussler (IAM) and Sieberg (Lotto Soudal) have caught Boonen (Etixx), Saramotins (IAM), Hayman (Orica Greendege), Stannard (Sky) , Vanmarcke (Lotto Jumbo), Boason Hagen (Dimension Data), Erviti (Movistar).

16:00Into sector 8

Boonen (Etixx),  Saramotins (IAM), Hayman (Orica Greendege) Stannard (Sky), Vanmarcke (Lotto Jumbo), Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data) and Erviti (Movistar) in the lead.

Haussler, Rowe, Sieberg (Lotto Soudal) 10 seconds behind.

Sagan group 1:05 behind.

15:55Sagan left to chase

Sagan escaped unscathed from Cancellara's crash after a spectacular display of his riding skills and is now chasing with De Backer and Sinkeldam (Giant Alpecin) and Naesen (IAM). 

15:50Cancellara crashes

Fabian Cancellara crashed heavily in sector 10 (Mons en Pevele) with Niki Terpstra.


15:44Sagan group nearing

The crashes of Moscon, Rowe and Puccio upset the leading group and the Sagan bunch is now 27 seconds adrift with 54 km to go.

15:41Rowe and Puccio crash

Ream Sky's Luke Rowe and Salvatore Puccio both crashed in spectacular fashion in the leading group.

15:40Team Sky leading the way

Team Sky are taking turns at the front of the leading group which includes Boonen (Etixx), Burghardt (BMC), Haussler, Saramotins (IAM), Hayman (Orica), Rowe, Moscon, Puccio, Stannard (Sky) Sieberg (Lotto Soudal), Vanmarcke, Wynants (Lotto Jumbo), Boason Hagen (Dimension Data) and Erviti (Movistar).

The Sagan group is 40 seconds adrift.

15:3560 km to go

And only 14 riders are left in the front group, losing riders with each cobble. Sagan and Cancellara are now taking turns in the chase, 35 seconds adrift.

15:33Boonen leads he way,Cancellara leads the case

Into sector 12 in Orchies (Km 197.5), four-times winner Tom Boonen is leading the race. Fabian Cancellara (Trek) and Peter Sagan (Tinkoff) have decided to take the chase in their own hands and sharply raise the pace.

15:27Boonen group catch break

Km 190 - The Boonen group have caught the nine escapees. The Sagan, Cancellara group are 40 seconds behind.

15:2370 km to go

Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge),  Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R),  Erviti (Movistar) in the lead.
25 seconds behind Boonen group
1:10 Cancellara, Sagan group

15:19Popovych dropped from leading group

The Ukrainian veteran is probably waiting for his leader Fabian Cancellara to help him chase.

15:1675 km to go

And the escapees lead the Boonen group by 45 seconds and the Sagan, Cancellara group by 1:15.

15:14The break back together

Hayman was brought back by his former breakaway companions as the Boonen, Vanmarcke, Boassen-Hagen group are now 45 seconds adrift.

15:11Hayman a Roubaix specialist

Paris-Roubaix has always been the 37-year-old Hayman favourite event. He finished twice in the top ten in 2011 and 2012.

15:09Hayman in the lead

With 75 km to go, the Australian leads his former 11 breakaway companions by 15 seconds. The Boonen, Vanmarcke group is 55 seconds behind.

15:03Hayman alone in the lead

Matthew Hayman (Orica Greenedge) surged from the leading group and is now alone in the frint.

15:01Le Bon dropped from break

Johan Le Bon (FDJ) was dropped by the escapees: 12 riders in the lead.

14:59Boonen and Vanmarcke group merge

Km 172 - The Vanmarcke group caught the Boonen group. Sixteen riders are now chasing behind the 13 escapees.

14:58Kristoff punctures

Alexander Kristoff (Katusha) punctured and was dropped from the  Sagan, Cancellara group.

14:56Latest gaps

Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge),  Popovych (Trek Factory), Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R),  Bozic (Cofidis) and Erviti (Movistar) in the lead.

One minute behind Martin, Boonen (Etixx), Durbridge (Orica Greenedge), Stannard (Sky), Wagner (Lotto Jumbo), Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data). 

1:15 behind Vanmarcke group
2:05 behind Cancellara,...

14:49Sagan raises tempo

World champion Peter Sagan (Tinkoff) has tried to raise the tempo in an attempt to bridge the gap.

14:46Boonen leads the chase

Tom Boonen led the chase on the Arenberg Trench, 1:20 behind the escapees while Fabian Cancellara seized the reins of the Sagan group to try and limit the damage, nearly a minute adrift. 

14:43Gaps in Arenberg

Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge),  Popovych (Trek Factory), Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R),  Bozic (Cofidis) and Erviti (Movistar) in the lead.

Martin, Boonen (Etixx), Durbridge (Orica), Stannard (Sky), Wagner (Lotto Jumbo), Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data) 1:30 behind

Vanmarcke group 2:00 behind

Sagan, Cancellara group 2:40 behind. 

14:40Into the Arenberg Trench

The 13 escapees are tackling the Arenberg Trench (Km 162). 

14:39Boonen chases with Martin

Km 160 - Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge),  Popovych (Trek Factory), Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R),  Bozic (Cofidis) and Erviti (Movistar) in the lead.

Martin and Boonen (Etixx), Durbridge (Orica), Stannard (Sky), Wagner (Lotto Jumbo) and Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data) 1:40 behind

Sagan group 2:30 behind.

14:34Composition of the Boonen group

The leading part of he peloton includes Boonen, Keisse, Martin, Van Kerisbulck (Etixx), Burghardt (BMC), Haussler and Saramotins (IAM), Durbridge (Orica), Rowe, Knees, Moscon and Danyy Van Poppel (Sky), Wallays (Lotto Soudal), Vanmarcke, Castellins, Tjaliingii, Van Asbroeck, Wagner and Wynants (Lotto Jumbo), Pichot (Direct Energie), Boaason Hagen and Eisel (Dimension Data). 

14:33100 km to go

The 13 escappes lead the Boonen group by 2:10. The Sagan group is 50 seconds further back.

14:25Tom Boonen: "I never start to finish third"

Record four times winner Tom Boonen was starting the race with strong ambitions again: "My only goal this season was to be ready for Paris-Roubaix. And now I feel much better. I'm starting my favourite race to do something. I never start to finish third or fourth. With our team we have been actors in all races in the last two weeks with three or four riders. Now we're coming to the last stretch and I feel ready. It will be time to talk about the end of my career later."

14:22Sagan group 40 seconds adrift

The group including Peter Sagan (Tinkoff), Fabian Cancellara (Trek-Segafredo) and Alexander Kristoff (Katusha) is 40 seconds behind the first part of the peloton, led by Lotto-Jumbo and Etixx Quick Step riders.

14:21110 km to go

Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge),  Popovych (Trek Factory), Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R), Bozic (Cofidis) and Erviti (Movistar) lead the first half of the peloton by three minutes.

Peter Sagan, Fabian Cancellara and Alexander Kristoff are in the second half of the peloton.

14:18Martin leads scattered peloton

Tony Martin (Etixx) leads a group of 50 riders which emerged from the peloton during the crash. Peter Sagan and Fabian Cancellara do not appear to be in the group. 

14:15Peloton halted by crash

Km 141 - Another pile-up halted the peloton and saw several riders ride through the fields. Several other riders are on the tarmac, among them former escapee Alexander Porsev (Katusha).

14:07Average speed

The average speed in the third hour of the race was 41.2 kph for an overall average speed of 44.3 kph.

14:02Gap keeps going up

Km 134 - Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge),  Popovych (Trek Factory), Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R), Bozic (Cofidis) and Erviti (Movistar) lead the pack by three minutes.

13:54In sector 22

Still more than two minutes for the 13 escapees in cobbled sector 22 (Capelle-Ruesnes), the only uphill sector in the race.

13:51Two minutes lead

130 km to go and the 13 escapees lead the pack by 2:00.

13:49Pile-up at the back

A collective crash took place at the back of the pack. Italy's Federico Zurlo (Lampre) was the last to make it back on his bike.

13:46Wallays flats

Jelle Wallays (Lotto Soudal) has flatted, leaving 13 riders in the leading group.

13:43In sector 23

Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge), Wallays (Lotto Soudal), Popovych (Trek Factory), Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R),  Bozic (Cofidis) and Erviti (Movistar) lead the pack by 1:40 in the sector of Vertain (km 120.5).

13:40Gap goes up

As the riders feed, the 14 escapees now lead the pack by 1:30.

13:39Popovych leads the way

For his very last race as a professional, Yaroslav Popovych (Trek-Segafredo) is leading the way at the front of the break.

13:37140 km to go

And the lead of the 14 escapees reaches 1:10.

13:34Martinez dropped

Yannick Martinez (Delko Marseille) was dropped from the leading group afer his chain snapped: 14 riders in the lead.

13:31Into sector 24

The 15 escapees keep a 55 seconds lead over the pack in the fourth cobbled sector of St Python. 

13:28Latest gap

Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge), Wallays (Lotto Soudal), Popovych (Trek Factory), Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Martinez (Delko), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R), Bozic (Cofidis) and Erviti (Movistar) lead the pack by one minute at the end of the longest cobbled sector of Quievy (km 110). 

13:20150 km to go

And the pack trails the 15 escapees by 50 seconds into the second cobbled sector of Viesly.

13:17Average speed

The average speed after two hours in the race was 45.8 kph.

13:16Morkov punctures

Michael Morkov (Katusha) punctured, leaving 15 riders in the lead.

13:14100 km in the race

And the 16 escapees still lead the peloton led by Team Sky by 40 seconds.

13:09Crash at the back

A crash took place at the back of the pack before the first cobbled sector and involved notably Nelson Oliveira (Movistar). 

13:06Luke Rowe: ""Hopefully we can sit back"

Team Sky were starting this Paris-Roubaix with two leaders in Luke Rowe and Ian Stannard, both hoping to be able to play a waiting game before the final showdown.
"It's scheduled to be tailwind for two thirds of the race and crosswind in the finale. For sure it will have an impact on the race. Cancellara and Sagan are the clear favorites which means it will be up to Trek and Tinkoff to dictate the race. Hopefully we can sit back a little bit and hope for Ian and myself to be in the...

13:05Team Sky lead the pack

Team Sky lead the peloton was the race approached the first cobbled sector in Troisvilles (km 98.5).

13:04In the first cobbled sector

The escapees tackle the first cobbled sector in Troisvilles (km 98.5) with a 55 seconds lead over the peloton.

13:02Boom and Vanmarcke change bikes

Lars Boom (Astana) and Sep Vanmarcke (Lotto Jumbo) punctured and changed bikes shortly before the first cobbled sector in Troisvilles.

12:56Situation of the race

Km 85 - Chavanel (Direct Energie), Hayman and Nielsen (Orica Greenedge), Wallays (Lotto Soudal), Popovych (Trek Factory),Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Martinez (Delko), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dimesion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R), Morkov (Katusha), Bozic (Cofidis) and Erviti (Movistar) in the lead.

The split peloton 30 seconds behind.

Second part of the peloton 50 seconds behind.

12:52Martinez was hoping to do it again

France's Yannick Martinez (Delko Marseille) was hoping to spend a little bit of time in the front, like he did two years ago:  "I'm here to attack, first to try and be in the break and then to spend as many miles as possible in the front. Two years ago, I managed to do so for my first participation and I was still in the lead with 20 km to go. It left very good memories even if I could feel the battle raging behind me with Sagan leading the fight. I would love to live the same kind of day...

12:51Etixx lead the chase

Etixx Quick Step are leading the chase at the front of peloton, 25 seconds behind the 17 escapees.

12:49Chavanel : "I'm not giving up"

France's Sylvain Chavanel has never been lucky in Paris-Roubaix and is hoping for the jinx to end. "After Paris-Nice, I was ill and I was still a little bit short on the Tour of Flanders but I feel I'm improving day by day so I might be good for Roubaix. I have ideas at the back of my head and why not be in the break. In the same time I remember that I always punctured at least once on this race. In my opinion the race will be very fast from the start. And then the strong guys will make a...

12:47Latest gap

Km 80 - The escapees lead the peloton by 25 seconds.

12:46Composition of the leading group

The leading group includes Chavanel (Direct Energie),  Hayman (Orica Greenedge), Seeberg and Wallays (Lotto Soudal), Le Bon (FDJ), Kump (Lampre), Gogl (Tinkoff), Martinez (Delko), Declercq (Topsort), Puccio (Sky), Janse Van Reensburg (Dime,sion Data), Backaert (Wanty), Daniel (AG2R), Morkov (Katusha), Nielsen (Orica Greenedge), Bozic (Cofidis), Erviti (Movistar).

12:38New attempts

Km 71 - A new attempt takes place involving Sylvain Chavanel (Direct Energie), Matthew Hayman (Orica Greenedge) and Marcel Seeberg (Lotto Soudal) among others.

12:30The three reeled in

Km 67 - Viviani, Van Poppel and Porsev were reined in.

12:27Latest gap

Km 63 - Viviani, Van Poppel and Porsev lead the peloton by 20 seconds.

12:16Average speed

The average speed in the first hour of the race was 45.7 kph.

12:14Brandle about to be reined in

Brandle (IAM) does not manage to bridge the gap with the escapees and sees the bunch on his heels.

12:11Gap increases

Km 52 - Viviani, Van Poppel and Porsev lead Brandel by 30 seconds, the peloton some 10 seconds further back. 

12:09Brandle chases

Matthias Brandle (IAM) is now chasing on his own behind Viviani, Porsev and Van Poppel.

12:06Latest gap

Km 48 - Viviani, Porsev and Van Poppel lead the peloton by 15 seconds.

12:03Three in the lead

Viviani (Sky) Porsev (Katusha) and Boy Van Poppel (Trek) are now in the lead as the rest of the breakaway have been caught.

12:01Peloton split

Km 45 - Crosswinds broke up the pack in several groups as echelons are taking place. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data) punctured and is in one of the delayed bunches.

11:59Gap goes down

Km 45 - The gap topped at 30 seconds for the 23 escapees but has now gone down to 10 seconds. Echelons are taking shape on the road.

11:5823 riders in the lead

The 23 in the lead - Devolder, Coledan and Boy Van Poppel (Trek), Joeaar (Cofidis), Wallays (Lotto-Soudal), Trusov (Tinkoff), Viviani (Sky), Cavendish (Dimension Data), Knees (Sky), Ladagnous and Le Bon (FDJ), Van Keirlsbuck and Trentin (Etixx), Zabel and Gerts (BMC), Gaimon (Cannondale), Castelijns (Lotto Jumbo),  Curvers (Giant Alpecin), Naesen (IAM), Schwarzmann (Bora Argon), Oliveira (Movistar), Porsev (Katusha) and Helven (Topsort Vlaanderen)

11:46In the press today

In sports daily l'Equipe, Philippe Brunel described Peter Sagan's personality and his approach to Paris-Roubaix: "It's useless to ask him about his strategy, he does not have any. "In Pari-Roubaix, everything depends on the weather and many other factors. A crash and everything changes. I'd rather believe in destiny". He has the same disdain for records. "A few lines and names on a book from which nothing will last or very little." Today he will be one of the keys to the Queen of classics...

11:44Another break takes place

Km 32 - Some 25 riders parted with the peloton and lead it by 20 seconds.

11:43Turgot at the back of the bunch

Runner-up in 2012, Frenchman Sebastien Turgot co-leads the AG2R outfit with compatriot Damien Gaudin: "Yes, Paris-Roubaix is a special race, not only because I obtained a very good result, but simply because it belongs to legend and it's like nothing else. It's true that at the time I didn't quite realise what I had done. With hindsight I'm more aware of what it meant, but I'm above al disappointed not to have won. I'm not a great rider and so this result is important and makes it a special...

11:39Trek riders especially aggressive

Three Trek-Segafredo riders feature among the leading group with Belgium's Stijn Devolder leading the way.

11:37Peloton stretches

Km 27 - Some 15 riders are parting with a stretched peloton. 

11:32Cavendish glad to be back

Mark Cavendish (Dimension Data) has only ridden Paris-Roubaix once and he is delighted to be back.  
"I rode it in 2011 and it didn't work out so well. But it's a race I've always wanted to race. I would have been ready to ride it every year only it didn't fit into the team plans. There was always a leader to work for and more suitable riders, that's the way it goes. Now I'm with Dimension Data and things have changed. I'm just going to go for it and we'll see."

11:27Break over

Km 18 - The six escapees have just been brought down by the peloton.

11:22Latest gap

Km 14 -  Nils Politt (Katusha), Kenneth van Bilsen (Cofidis), Robin Stenuit (Wanty), Benoit Jarrier (Fortuneo), Edvadlas Siskevicius (Delko) and Gediminas Bagdonas (AG2R) lead the peloton by 11 seconds.

11:19Six in the lead

Km 9 - Four  riders part with the peloton Nils Politt (Katusha), Kenneth van Bilsen (Cofidis), Robin Stenuit (Wanty), Benoit Jarrier (Fortuneo), quickly joined by Edvadlas Siskevicius (Delko), Gediminas Bagdonas (AG2R). Six riders in the lead.

11:14Tony Martin: "I don't know what to expect"

Three times time trial world champion Tony Martin (Etixx) is riding his first Paris-Roubaix in arguably the most experienced team on the cobbles: "It's my first Paris-Roubaix so I don't know what to expect. I rode the cobbles on the Tour but it's not the same. I'm in one of the strongest teams in the race and I'm hoping to be in a position to help my leaders. I feel OK, not in my very best condition but I'm OK. I was told to ride my race the best I can and not put any pressure on myself."

11:10Several attempts

Km 3 - French teams are the most active at the front of the bunch as riders try to launch the morning breakaway. 

11:07Steven Tronet : "Really motivated"

French champion Steven Tronet is tackling his first Paris-Roubaix with a lot of motivation and he showed it by trying to launch one of the first breaks of the day. 
"I'm really motivated by this race, I'm really hoping to do well, because it's Paris-Roubaix and because it's my region. It's the first time I'm at the start. I have nothing to lose. I cannot pretend I'll be able to follow the best in the finale, but I can try to anticipate. By and large I feel good on the cobbles but the...

11:05Start given

The start was given to 198 riders at 11:05 for 257.5 kilometers of riding and 52.8 km of cobbles.

10:54Tiesj Benoot: "I feel better"

Belgian hopeful Tiesj Benoot (Lotto Soudal), who crashed heavily in the Tour of Flanders a week ago, is back in action and eager to do well:  "I have felt better since Wednesday and I hope I'll feel even better on Sunday. I'm still suffering a little from the left elbow and from the knee, but I believe I can still ride at a good level. A lot can happen in this race. You have to be ready to fight and to look ahead for the finale."

10:51Start from Compiegne

198 riders are leaving Compiegne heading for the real start, 5.5 kilometres further down the road. 

10:48Guarnieri does not start

Italy's Jacopo Guarnieri (Katusha) is not starting: 198 riders will start from Compiegne. 

10:38Boom: "I have more experience"

Winner of a hard cobbled stage on the Tour de France in 2014, Lars Boom is among the favourites in today's race: "Paris-Roubaix is a race which requires experience and with each year I have more experience which goes in my favour. I feel good and we have a strong team. It's probably good for the other riders like me that everybody is talking about Cancellara and Sagan. The pressure is on them."  

10:37Astana start with seven riders

While the other 24 teams at the start tackle the race with eight riders, Astana will only field seven men. The Kazakh outfit are led by Dutchman Lars Boom and also feature an in-form Lieuwe Westra, the recent winner of the De Panne Three Days.

10:27Welcome on the 113th edition of Paris-Roubaix

The queen of classics will start at 10:50, a slight delay decided because of the tailwind which should lead to a fast race and to avoid the passage of trains at level crossings. 199 riders are at the start in Compiegne.

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