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Protection of the environment and biodiversity is a priority for Paris-Roubaix. The expert company BIOTOPE produces very year Natura 2000 studies, those sensitive areas asked by an EU directive. However these areas are alive and welcome very gladly the public ... especially on a bike ! For the 50th birthday of the natural parks, Paris-Roubaix enhances the regional nature park Scarpe-Escaut which is crossed by the race every year.

Trench of Arenber

Trench of Arenber © D.Delecourt

With its real name «Bullet Alley of Hérin », « The Trench » is famous since Jean Stablinski and Edouard Delberghe asked for its integration in the Paris-Roubaix circuit. This legendary stretch is located in the Domain Forest of Saint-Amand-Raismes a few steps from the “Mare à Goriaux” (an attractive place to walk and watch birds) and the mining site of Arenberg. Considered as the most difficult paved part of the race and about 2.4 kilometers long, The Trench is only accessible by foot, on horseback and of course by bike !




Welcome to the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park !

Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park © S.Dhote

One of our watchwords is “Sport is in my nature!”. In its 55 villages, the smallest regional nature Park in France –which is also the most experienced (it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary!)-, more than 600 kilometers of trails are waiting for runners, riders and cyclists.
For instance, starting from Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, the bicycle trail “La vallée de l’Escaut” is 39 kilometers long and reached the Belgian border to discover diverse landscapes: forest, wet plains, Escaut’s waterways, locks…
“Le Circuit des terrils” in Raismes, allows mountain bikers to climb and go down heaps along a marked trail. Intense emotions guaranteed ! Hiking map

50 ans Parc naturel régional


A “joëlette” for motor-impaired persons

A “joëlette” for motor-impaired persons © D.Delecourt

Since 2010, the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park offers a “joëlette” to associations and individuals allowing people with reduced mobility to participate in sports events or family outings.
It is an off-road wheelchair for children and adults with disabilities on hiking trails. This equipment is borrowed throughout the entire year, and especially during events such as la Course des Terrils, les Foulées Valenciennoises, le Trail de la Fraise, le Parcours du Cœur, les Boucles de Gayant Expo...
In addition to this first equipment, the Regional Nature Park now offers a second “joëlette”, this time with two wheels. However, even if it's more stable than the first, it must be taken by two accompanying persons : the one in front ensures traction and steering, while the one in back maintains the balance.
Acquired in partnership with the Regional Directorate of Youth and Sports and the Regional Olympic Sports Committee, the “joëlette” is available to everyone, free of charge, by booking.
For more informations : Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park, Caroline Mairesse,

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